luni, 2 iunie 2008

tom waits - senior editor la micutisme&una-alta

TOM WAITS’ TRUE CONFESSIONS(A conversation with himself)
Q: What is a gentleman?
A: A man who can play the accordion, but doesn’t.
Q: What are some sounds you like?
A: 1. An asymmetrical airline carousel created a high pitched haunted voice brought on by the friction of rubbing and it sounded like a big wet finger circling the rim of a gigantic wine glass. 2. Street corner evangelists 3. Pile drivers in Manhattan 4. My wife’s singing voice 5. Horses coming/trains coming 6. Children when school’s out 7. Hungry crows 8. Orchestra tuning up 9. Saloon pianos in old westerns 10. Rollercoaster 11. Headlights hit by a shotgun 12. Ice melting 13. Printing presses 14. Ball game on a transistor radio 15. Piano lessons coming from an apartment window
16. Old cash registers/Ca Ching 17. Muscle cars 18. Tap dancers 19. Soccer crowds in Argentina 20. Beatboxing 21. Fog horns 22. A busy restaurant kitchen 23. Newsrooms in old movies 24. Elephants stampeding 25. Bacon frying 26. Marching bands 27. Clarinet lessons...
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